Let’s ask ‘why?’

Let’s talk about why we should always be asking ‘WHY?’ Every behaviour has a reason, a story, a justification. Every behaviour can be a way of communicating something and, very often, can be a cry for help. We should not see behaviour as a problem, but more as a message. We, as the caretakers ofContinue reading “Let’s ask ‘why?’”

Living with pain

I am a human who lives in chronic pain due to a rare neuro-spinal condition. I often struggle to articulate that or to get those around me, including doctors, to even try to understand how I’m feeling. I might not outwardly look all that ‘lame’ but inwardly my nerves and joints are on fire, constantly.Continue reading “Living with pain”

Welfare Assessment

Welfare assessment has historically been viewed as negative and as something only enforcement agencies engage with. However, welfare assessment CAN be a positive activity. It can be something that each and every one of us engages with on a regular basis, for the benefit of learning and of always trying to improve the lives ofContinue reading “Welfare Assessment”

Having a soft heart

Another gem of a quote from the talent that is Charlie Mackesy. I remember always being told that I was too soft with my horses, too soft with animals in general, and that I needed to ‘show them who is boss’ or they would ‘take the mickey’. Firstly, acting that way is not conducive toContinue reading “Having a soft heart”


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