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Having a soft heart

Another gem of a quote from the talent that is Charlie Mackesy.

I remember always being told that I was too soft with my horses, too soft with animals in general, and that I needed to ‘show them who is boss’ or they would ‘take the mickey’.

Firstly, acting that way is not conducive to a mutually trusting relationship and I don’t want my animals to fear my presence.

Secondly, we know that horses don’t have the cognitive ability to ‘take the mickey’. There is currently no evidence to show that their brains work in that way. They live in the moment – something we could all learn from and emulate – and are incapable of ‘plotting’ against us.

So for those of you who, like me, are often told to stop being so soft, be sure to stand tall and be proud of your big heart and gentleness towards others. Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.


Published by Kate Fletcher

I have an MSc in Equine Behaviour, Performance & Training and over 10 year's experience working on the front line of animal welfare operations, helping people help animals. I currently work for an international equine welfare charity and am committed to promoting compassionate training and positive human-animal relationships using least invasive, minimally aversive methods and through encouraging human behaviour change.

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